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Explore the ways insights are transforming the data analytics landscape in this Forrester "Insights Service Providers Report."

"Breakout Vendors: Industry-Specific Insights Service Providers, October 2016, Forrester Research."

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The emergence of insights services has radically changed the way businesses approach data analytics by giving decision-makers direct access to the insights they need to make informed decisions faster.  The challenge is knowing where to look for help to keep up with the rapid growth of internal and external data sources your restaurants are dealing with.


The good news is that modern data analytics applications are designed to help you unlock the true potential of your data, providing insights to each aspect of your business.


Agilence was cited by Forrester as a vertical specialist among insights service providers who were noted for their ability " help firms within their market get actionable insights and tangible business value." Through 20/20 F&B, restaurantaurs gain unrivaled insight into the loss prevention activities and operational efforts driving their business.


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