Restaurant Data Analytics for Loss Prevention & Operations

20/20 F&BTM is restaurant analytics software designed to help both quick serve (QSR) and table serve (TSR) restaurants improve their loss prevention & operations efforts. 20/20 does this by analyzing daily restaurant data to identify opportunities to reduce loss & increase operational efficiency within the business.

Implementing our restaurant management software allows loss prevention and restaurant operations teams to visualize and act on data insights through industry leading functionality such as opportunity dashboards, prescriptive alerting with a closed loop workflow, multi-dimensional POS data reporting, and much more.

20/20 F&B makes it easy for any restaurant to come away with real, actionable insights into their business that can stop profit loss in it's tracks!

Why 2020 FB Logo Optimized.png ?

As stated, 20/20 F&B is restaurant analytics for loss prevention & operations. Below are just a few of the many use cases when implementing this software in your restaurant!

2020 Blue Icon Bullet optimized.jpg Restaurant Loss Prevention

Restaurant loss prevention teams are able to drive awareness and reduce losses from common fraud tactics such as transfers, voided checks, manager meal comps, etc.  Your restaurant LP teams can easily & proactively identify this behavior through one of many visualization options, or set up a prescriptive alert to be made instantly aware whenever a negative trend occurs.

2020 Blue Icon Bullet optimized.jpg Restaurant Operations

Restaurant operations teams can increase operational efficiencies and improve margins by analyzing metrics such as throughput rates or average check time per associate during peak hours for insight into training needs.  Enhance your restaurant operations management efforts  with clear data insights.  Visualize upselling opportunities in dollars to understand who is taking advantage and where you can improve.

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Key Features

Powerful Reporting

Report.pngThe reporting function lets you see the data at a global or granular, easy-to-read level so if there are issues, they stand out as soon as you log in. You can visualize data on any level and drill down all the way to an individual event to that issues can be verified & addressed with minimal profit impact.


Advanced Queries 

Query.pngUnlike Restaurant EBR of the past, 20/20's advanced, query builder allows you to create and run complex data searches without any knowledge of SQL. Query on data from multiple modules, run compares, utilize our advanced "followed by" functions, and more in an easy to understand manner.


Prescriptive Alerts

Alert.pngAlerts make it easy for anyone in your business to address and correct any problems throughout the company. When an anomaly or trend is identified, the appropriate user is identified and provided with a closed loop workflow and prescriptive actions to take to resolve the issue.


Information Boxes

InfoBox-01.pngThe "InfoBox" contains data from any other integrated module that relates to the particular restaurant event/check in question on a single screen.  Whether it's customer, labor, financial, or security related data; if you have it, it will be available for analysis inside 20/20's info boxes.