20/20 Restaurant for TSRs

As a table service operator, your daily restaurant data is one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal to keep operations running smoothly and food costs at a minimum.  However, if you do not have visibility into what the data is trying to say, you may never actually experience the benefits that it has to offer.

20/20 Restaurant does the legwork of analyzing your daily restaurant data by looking for patterns and events that are vital to a restaurant's success.  Whether it be restaurant operations or loss prevention, our software specializes in identifying actionable insights that can help you increase profit.  Rather than trying to navigate through lengthy reports in an attempt to connect the dots, 20/20 does that for you so all you do is log in and start acting on the activities that are happening right now in your business.

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Convert all customer interactions into sales opportunities

Get a bird's eye view of every transaction in every one of your stores and let that data provide the roadmap to optimizing sales, promotion performance, and improving profits throughout the chain.

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