The History of Business Intelligence and its Evolution

The term "Business Intelligence" has become a popular buzzword in the last decade or so. However, the concept of BI has been around since before the advent of modern technology, though it has been through more than a few different iterations over the years.

In this whitepaper, we look back at the history of business intelligence to explain where the concept comes from, what it means today, and what the future holds.

What You’ll Learn From This eBook

eBook - History of BI-1
This eBook covers:
  • The first time the term Business Intelligence was used (all the way back in 1865!)
  • Bringing BI from theory to practice in BI 1.0
  • Optimizing BI for the web in BI 2.0
  • The rise of the Cloud and Mobile BI
  • The current state of BI and what the future holds