Navigating Brick & Mortar's Resurgence

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused most brick-and-mortar retailers to indefinitely close their stores and has accelerated the adoption of eCommerce, BOPIS, and curbside sales to stay afloat. Once stores reopen, many are rightfully wondering if things will return to “normal” or if customers will shop in stores again. 

While no one can be certain of what the future will hold in these uncertain times, the Agilence and Axis Communications teams are joining forces to combine data and subject matter expertise to navigate the coming months. During the broadcast, speakers will discuss how traditional brick-and-mortar can bounce back and evolve if retailers are willing to leverage all the data readily available within their stores.

The speakers will discuss:

The Smart Restart: How to Safely Reclaim the Buying Experience
A 360 View of the New Shopper: New Ways to Segment
Is Forecasting Useless? The Need for Real-time Data
Taking Store Operations from Essential to Exceptional
Reinventing Loss Prevention for a Friction-less Retail World
And more…

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