Reinventing Grocery

The Timeline to the New Normal

The Agilence and Date Check Pro teams have teamed up to author this eBook which examines the "new normal" that is emerging across the grocery industry post-COVID 19.

The current pandemic is uncharted territory for all of us, and we certainly aren’t fortune tellers. However, both the Agilence and Date Check Pro teams have combined their industry knowledge, experience, and expertise to highlight areas that will likely impact the grocery industry in the coming months.

What You’ll Learn From This eBook

This eBook from the research teams at Agilence & Date Check Pro contains:
  • Why cleanliness and safety protocols will arise as a key driver to new sales
  • How former "slow-moving" categories may be worth further investment
  • The role your Associates play in future customer acquisition & retention initiatives
  • Why a familiar business adjacent to the grocery industry may emerge as a direct competitor
  • The DNA of the New Shopper