The Retail Cannabis Loss Prevention Guide

Roughly 90% of financial and product loss in the marijuana industry can be chalked up to employee theft. The other 10% of product loss results from either external theft, such as robberies, or simply poor tracking by companies. The key to curbing these problems is by developing a data-driven loss prevention strategy.
It’s critical that dispensaries no longer rely on antiquated spreadsheets or only their POS system to run an operation that may span multiple locations or even multiple states/provinces. A data-driven loss prevention plan is a powerful tool that is essential to revolutionizing your business.

This white paper was designed to help you...

  • Implement physical security measures like CCTV
  • Standardize inventory check
  • Build a culture of prevention
  • Implement data analytics to automatically flag suspicious behaviors
  • And more...
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Your data is useless unless it is put into action.

Your data is the blueprint to better business decisions. Whether you need insight into day-to-day business operations or want to build a more efficient loss prevention team, Agilence has the tools to take complex business problems and turn them into actionable tasks within your physical stores.