The Retail Analytics Advantage

A Race to Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

In this independent research report by IHL Group and RIS News based on a study of over 300 brands, learn how retailers are currently leveraging analytics solutions across four main categories: 

  • Descriptive Analytics (what happened) 
  • Diagnostic Analytics  (why it happened)
  • Predictive Analytics (what could happen)
  • Prescriptive Analytics (what should happen)

You'll learn how retailers that are using predictive and prescriptive analytics are significantly outperforming those that aren't; where these analytics are adding the most value; and which functional areas winning retailers are investing in these solutions, including:

  • Loss Prevention
  • Employee Performance
  • Promotions Performance
  • Merchandising/Category Performance
  • Supply Chain and Vendor Performance
  • Store Performance

The report also looks at overall sales and profit growth, store and online sales growth, as well as the prerequisites, timing, and challenges in implementing predictive and prescriptive analytics solutions.

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