Vertical-Focused vs.Generic Business Intelligence

Why Retail Expertise is a Rising Difference Maker within the Business Intelligence Software Industry

Today, cumbersome generic BI and reporting solutions are being reevaluated across the retail industry. The days of the expensive, complex, and resource-draining BI implementation are over. Yesterday's monolithic BI tools are being surpassed by the agility of vertically-aligned business intelligence solutions.

We aim to help you understand the difference between these two BI types and the impact each potentially holds for the modern retail world.

What You’ll Learn From This Whitepaper

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This whitepaper covers:
  • The core differentiation between vertical-focused and generic business intelligence solutions
  • How retail and multi-unit restaurant organizations are leveraging their vertical-focused BI investments to improve Sales, Marketing, Operations, and Loss Prevention 
  • What to look for in a "Fox" or "Hedgehog" software solution
  • What types of IT resources are needed to deploy a vertical-focused BI tool