What Retailers Don’t Know Might Hurt Their Bottom Line

Merging Complementary Technologies is Essential

Loss Prevention (LP) professionals are facing numerous challenges from the increase of omnichannel shopping. Shrink has increased from all directions, including organized crime, shoplifting, employee theft, returns fraud, plus administrative and operational errors. Coupled with supply chain hurdles, high inflation, and increased labor costs and shortages, retailers are feeling overwhelmed in the current retail climate.

This white paper covers advancements in EBR and emerging and innovative technologies that can help retailers minimize shrink and increase revenue and profit. These technologies, when combined, can help Loss Prevention teams reduce fraudulent activities and shrink.

What You’ll Learn From This Whitepaper

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This whitepaper from Cambridge Retail Advisors provides insights into:
  • How Exception-Based Reporting (EBR) systems help improve revenues by providing fast, accurate data into business operations
  • Real-time data can improve inventory management, shrink reduction, and investment decisions.
  • Ways to leverage video analytics for food safety, operational checklists, merchandising, inventory monitoring, and cashier-less checkout.