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Interview on The FULL COMP Podcast

Russ Hawkins on using data to become an agile business

The Voice of the Restaurant Industry Revolution Podcast


The best companies in the world are agile. They’re analyzing data and testing the market in small but significant ways to see what’s working and what isn’t. That’s why I sat down with Russ Hawkins. Russ is the leader of Agilence, a company that the big guys hire to process their data and create profitable strategies. Today we discuss what data to analyze and how to test the market to ensure positive outcomes.



Created in partnership with Yelp for Restaurants, FULL COMP is a weekly show exploring the past & future of the hospitality industry. Provocative & actionable, the show aims to ask the tough questions, supplying listeners with the tools & resources needed to thrive post-pandemic. The host, Michelin-rated restaurateur Josh Kopel, challenges conventional wisdom by hosting both hospitality professionals & thought leaders from outside of the industry, offering a new perspective on an old business.